• How can i build listing page ?
    Our plugin has Reactive - Advance searching and filtering plugin which give you the facilities to build listing page. For more details please take a look of reactive pro plugin's docs.
  • Does Marcedo Support Online Payment ?
    Yes, Marcedo supported all payments gateways which are supported by WooCommerce
  • Frontpage Category Filter
    There is a known conflict with Frontpage Category Filter plugin that messes up variations and sale prices, and there are no known workarounds/configurations at this time.


  • Where i can get the details of theme features ?
    You can check our online docs , faqs and videos to get more idea regarding our theme.
  • Does marcedo support variable products
    Yes, Marcedo works fine with variable products along with all other defaults wooCommerce products.
  • GoDaddy Hosting
    Some users have problems with GoDaddy and PayPal IPN/other gateways such as Authorize DPM. This is purely a hosting problem due to their non-standard security measures. Issues need to be solved with GoDaddy directly, as it is out of our hands. If you find a fix or a workaround for IPN issues and GoDaddy, please share your experience.

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